glow mods?

How is it incorrect if it happened? Lol
Not saying its happened to anyone but someone that I know as well as the chief I have in my possession from someone who used alot of glow mods. It’s honestly not a big deal. I’m just saying it could be a rare case but I have no benefit to making up such a thing. Why would I? So yeah let’s just drop it

I’ve been using glow mods in a lot of throws at party’s and on the street at night. I’ve gone through about 60 or more. Many, many hours of play. Mostly in a chief. I have seen no evidence of any damage. I don’t think the glow mods did any damage.

Let’s just agree that Glow Mods don’t inherently cause any damage; however, a failure (user or otherwise) could result in unexpected damage.

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Damage or no, I wouldn’t ever use them shoot ill sell the 20 I have for cheap.
I wouldn’t use them but would gladly try them out on someone else’s throw :slight_smile: never mine tho, I would rather take the lights out of a cheap Yoyo and figure a way to put them on a chief then use glow mods.