Glow "Mods" CLYW Cliff, Summit, YYF Genesis, YYF Dv888 others.


So Recently I was looking at a new throw and i was wanting the CLYW Chief, One because its highly recommended, 2 the glow mods you can add to it. I contacted CLYW and asked if the Glow mod would fit any other throw, and they told me no. So i went out to the local Dollar Tree and they have Glow tops which will be pictured below it comes with 3 smaller glow sticks and 3 larger glowsticks similar to bracelet size but a bit smaller. These do not fit the Cliff in the same way as the Chief but if you bend the smaller stick it will fit into the center ring. This is also true for the YYF Dv88, Genesis, and the CLYWxOneDrop Summit. All pictures will be below. Pretty common sense but i have not seen anything else like this anywhere. Also the big ones fit into some throws but not all.

Glowsticks -

Here are a few tests i did.

With one Small glow stick in there was quite a bit of vibe but nothing you couldnt live with.
With two small glow sticks in there was very little vibe.
Could not get a big glow stick to stay inside.

With one Small glow stick in there was not very much vibe at all and not to noticeable in the dark.
With two Small glow sticks i didnt have really any vibe at all as long as you get them to distribute the weight evenly.
Count not get a big glow stick to stay in.

Genesis: (Correct Way)
            (Wrong Way)
            (Big GlowStick)
With one small and with 2 small i didnt see really any vibe at all. Little more with one obviously because of the un even weight.
the large glow stick added a decent amount of vibe but again in the dark not to noticeable.
Be sure when you put in smaller one they go in the inner most ring for the least amount of vibe.

Big ones would not fit at all (doesnt have a inner lip to get stuck on)
the small one fit decent about of vibe but wont kill you.

First Mod post hope it was done correctly