glow mod sticks on fool's gold avalanche

Can you put glow mod sticks on a Clyw Avalanche?

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No. For glow mods to fit in a yoyo (as intended) there must be a double rim present.

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no? You can put them in, just in a different way. look at the fricking pictures in the item’s description. Shows a DMII with them in.

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It should fit in any yoyo with an igr

Not true.

why not just break a glow stick and pour it on ur yo. i know it sounds stupid butt could it bee possible?? :-*

Yes, it would work, but your yoyo would become toxic.

Oooh i guess that would bee a problem!!! SILLY ME!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

But what if you were throwing a hazmat? Wouldn’t that make sense?