Do glow mod sticks fit in the rings of Arctic Circles?

I am hoping to get a 4th run Arctic Circle this Christmas, So I figured I’d order some Glow mod sticks. Do they fit in the AC? If not, no problem, I have a Chief anyways. Thanks!

Doesn’t matter if they don’t fit, they are cheap and you already have a Chief.

Wow, that was really really mean.

I think he was getting at they are cheap and already fit on a chief which he has, correct me if I am wrong lol

they do! i just tried it

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Thanks! Which run do you have? (67.5g or 66.5g)

67.5 thay fit between the outside and inner rings like i though.

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So they do fit?

Indeed my good sir.

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Thank you very much!

Yes, they fit almost all clyw throws. I prefer putting them on the inside because it creates little to no vibe. The glow mods also come with little rubber caps to fit into any yoyo that doesn’t have inner rims! I used them in my OD Cascade :slight_smile:

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