Arctic circle inner rim glow?

Is it possible to get a glow in the dark plastic ring to replace glow mods?

Not sure. What kind of ring are you thinking about? Glow sticks do have a plastic/rubbery texture.

Stick your glow mods in the freezer, it should make them glow again.

he means like glow in the dark plastic I think, like on the YYF StarLite.

That would be pretty cool, they would last longer than the glow sticks, but I don’t think they exist haha

Exactly there is a high end yoyo that has them but I don’t know what’s it called

YoyoJoker Lumimous

yes I want something like that made

Glow mods can cause vibe this wouldn’t.

Depends how you put them in. Sometimes you get lucky.

You wouldn’t be able to get them out.

Ya true but if I wanted them out I could find a way

You would screw up the rim doing so.

It has plastic rings, but they’re not gitd.

They look sweet as heck under a black-light, though.

I see no reason why you couldn’t get some plastic rings to fit the AC. It might be hard to find some to fit (or cut them yourself) and they may add a bit too much weight.

I think they are acryllic.

Yeah, which is a form of plastic. What’s your point?

He could have Landon Balk make him custom rings.

Who’s that?

A very well known machinist. Also known as 3YO3.

Still I wouldn’t do it unless you have more than 1 AC, you hate the color way, or your wealthy enough to afford a new one if it messes up.

And if it ads to much weight? If they look ugly inside it? Just my opinion :D.