glow protorstar?

Hello everyone! I am going to be doing a performance soon and I am wondering how much the glow protostar actually glows, I want everyone in the audience to see the yoyo. Is there any good glow in the darks you know?

Well you can also use things like the Shinwoo Light Kit and Glow Mods

The Yoyofactory Hubstack Afterglow is your best bet, it glows in the dark and lights up so everyone will be able to see it. While it probably won’t play as well as the Protostar my guess is it will still play very well.

True dat.

Shinwoo light kit is supposed to be really good although you need a yoyo with caps to put it friend has a glow protostar and it’s ok when it comes to glowing in the dark.The problem about the glow protostar is that the glow wears off after a little bit.there’s also these mod glow sticks and they’re supposed to be pretty good :slight_smile:

Use a blacklight and it will glow forever