Glow protostar vs. gravitsky protostar

Which one: glow protostar or gravitsky protostar ???

Glow :slight_smile:

Not trying to change the topic but does anyone know if glow protostars grind any better than the regular protos?

I would say go for whatever looks better. I’m pretty sure there is no difference except for the looks. The glow looks a little weird in color since, well, it glows. Like during the day, the glow one looks out of place and I can say the gravitsky would look better. Its completely up to you though.

Glow has a blasted finish on the rims

And the Glow Edition is slightly heavier due to the Glow In The Dark plastic

Glow has a blasted finish. It’s also smoother and quieter then my VG one.

I don’t have glow edition, I do have the VG gold and it look very cool!

My VG Protostar looks awesome plus it smoother and quitter than my original one.

I thought the Gravitsky proto star was 2 grams lighter than the base Protstar?

Glow is blasted. I just sold all 3 of my Protostars including a glow and VG. I didn’t care for the appearance of the glow in the light and thought the GITD was pretty weak, whereas I thought the VG looked really really neat. Almost wish I had kept it but I really didn’t need it.

Your probably right, clear plastics are lighter than colored.

Just a FYI. All the newer ones have a blasted finish too. Emerald, smoke, and clear.

Emerald is my favorite. Such a nice dark translucent green. Now all I need is purple :slight_smile: