Glow-nasty fallen apart?

So, I got a glow-nasty about a month back or so. I loved it, it played great, even decent compared to my Genesis. Until the bearing sat to the metal seats inside of it. I took out the bearing, but here are some pics. The Axle is also loose inside of it. Has anyone else had this problem?,258&outquality=90&squareoutput=255,255,255&ext=.jpg&iconifyVideo=true&wm=1

The metal seat of the other side also fell off, and rolled somewhere, I can’t find it. They both came off and stuck to the bearing. I pried them off, and tried placing it back into where it molded into the plastic. Didn’t work at all. They just kept sticking to the bearing, and I tried it with multiple bearings. Two Center-tracs, a YYJ speed, and a YYF spec.

The metal seats you are referring to are the spacers. It’s very common for them to get stuck on the bearing and shouldn’t cause any problems.
The slightly wiggly axle is somewhat common for a YYF plastic, at least from my experiences it is. As far as I know there’s not a lot that can be done about it since their axles are a pain to remove.

Other then that, new spacers can be purchased here.

You’ll need size 1

Ohey, thanks a lot, I’ll order those tomorrow then.