Y’alls ever heard of it? I am trying to get into it. I don’t have any gloves yet but hope to get some with my birthday money. If you see it at night with the lights off it looks really cool. Who here does it, there has got to be at least one, right?

I believe megadoomer or his friend from thier video for rebel Yoyos glove.

Didn’t know of it till now. Looked it up on YouTube and was AMAZED! I might have to pick some gloves up. I used to do something similar with magic. like this…

Only mine were white and not red!

I glove. I got a Cheshire Cat set from Emazing lights. Need to work on learning more advanced things though. I can do finger rolls, threading, figure 8’s and basic liquid stuff.

I want to get the crayons set from emazing. I am still working in finger rolls and can do some tutting.

I recently got into it, I have some friends who are very good. I hope to get decent at it. Super fun and easy to practice Just use your hands!