GLASS fixed axle yoyo!

Mile High Yoyo Club member LKglass @lkglass on insta is a master glass blower. Lately he has been perfecting the art of making 100% glass fixed axle yoyos. They are amazingly beautiful and they actually play! Catch him at Nats and you may be lucky enough to be able to snag one. Show some love on insta at @lkglass his work is stunning.

He also makes really awesome eye pendants that have kind of become a mark of our club.


I’ve been seeing his stuff in insta and makes me want one. I need to message him see if he would have any interest in shipping a glass yoyo at all. I can theoretically make a crappy wood yoyo and have (it wasn’t good) or even cast a craptastic metal yoyo or plastic but I have no knowledge or skill in the slightest about how glass blowing works.


I have been getting the shapes and weights similar to most fixed axle yoyos. Sometimes I still make heavy or wide ones. The response is quite varied but will work with any string if you chapstick it enough. Planning on making many more of these this year!


There he is the man himself!

These are awesome

For those that haven’t seen it here’s my vid of the day I spent with LKGlass capturing his process


I have to say that i was “Blown” away when i heard about glass yoyos, and the fact that these are funtional is totally nuts! LKglass is not only a skilled thrower and apparently very skilled glass blower he is also a really cool guy to deal with. I have a tendency to over do things, and this time it was well worth giving into the weakness! They do have a bit of vibe (what ever! ) but are a lot of fun. OA for sure, and I’m able to get a bit more sleep now so i actually threw a brain twister which is one of the scariest thing I’ve done with a yoyo! Glass spinning infront of my face :blush:Went over to side style after that!
Before you buy that next $$$ metal fresh release from that favorite company that we love you should consider adding glass. I am deff going to check out his bearing yoyos next!


Great pictures! LKglass yoyos are always so stunning.


Thank you, nice pictures!


Wow! Beautiful pieces you have there!

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Ngl those are so cool, probably will last around half a second on my hands but I like also the paint job!

They are surprisingly sturdy unless you smack it into hard floor it won’t break. You would not be able to break it just with normal Yoyo play - LK even does walk the dog with them on wooden flooring!

Also these are not painted that is all different colors of glass that he first fuses together then melts in patterns while he blows to create the color wigwags and whorls. A very intricate and amazing process that results in truly playable works of art.


Here is Gentry trying out a bearing version at PNWR:


yeah you got to be trying to break the glass and as long as it doesn’t shatter it can technically get fused back together if it comes apart.


LK has said he would repair one if someone broke it through normal use. He’s a rad dude doing crazy things!


I want one but at the same time don’t. I feel after a few weeks its shattering.

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Again these things would have to be smacked into a hard surface at high velocity to actually shatter. They are heavy glass like a bong or pipe. I play mine with my rings on all the time with no fear of damage and LK regularly does Walk the Dog on hardwood floors with them.


I can confirm that these are very solid. Not sure i would play over concrete but they seem like they will last forever with minimal care and normal play.


They play ok but anything perfectly made usually uses machines, it’s all hand spun. I do this because i love yoyos and glass, it melts my hobbies together. Not really trying to disappoint anyone with quality so right now im mainly trying to bring some to club and competitions to let people play them and gather feedback. I just figured out the bearing model 1 month ago.


And you’re doing awesome. I’ve enjoyed mine and plan to share it around with others. I think
It takes a little to get past the initial fear of break No it but once your past that it’s no different from any other yoyo except how cool it looks.