HandBlown Glass Yoyo Display Stand! (Pics Added) price dropped down to 20$!

Hey everybody!!! Been yoyoing less and blowing glass more the last few years but as of lately my two hobbies are merging a little bit more. This is the first (of hopefully a few at least) glass yoyo display stands I’ve made! Posting here to see if there is any interest in something this nitch and unique. This stand is up for grabs for 20$ plus shipping! Custom orders for custom colors, or for multiple stands, single stands that can hold multiple yo-yos, or custom stands with extra add ons and extra attention to detail are easily made as well!! I will let you know that I ask a minimum of 50% down upfront for any “custom/personalized” orders placed though, because I don’t want to put in effort to make something specific to your standards, just to have you back out. This is a standard procedure I apply to ALL of my custom made glass. My Instagram is @ ashcov93 if you’d like to reference any of my other work and/or give me a follow!!!

P.S. I have something extra cool/Yoyo related coming at y’all tomorrow as well so stay tuned!!

P.S. just realized I can’t upload my video on here so I guess I will upload it to my Instagram for y’all too see and go back and take some pictures to put up on this post here in 5 minutes, brb.


Very, very cool


Much appreciation <3



That is Amazing🙀

60 years ago, I used to ride my bike down to the Seaport village in San Pedro. There was a glass shop and a viewing area where you could watch the glass blower make just about anything. To me, it was better than magic because it was 3D magic.

He would get a puddle of molten glass and bring life to it like it was nuthin!

I can seriously appreciate the skills it takes to do what you do.

Thanks for sharing.


Heck yeah man I appreciate it! I could post and edited sped up version of me making something yoyo related one day if more interest ends up being shown, I will say the ones who have reached out to me and shown interest already are awesome to me and make me feel just as welcome in this community as I felt back when I was super active and on yoyonation.com forum because that was all the rage back in the day and what not XD


Very cool! Jealous I didnt think of it first :wink:
Get your torch in the next pic


Funny what you run across in a lamp working book set… Cool stands!

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Here is one I got golf my Bethlehem Bravo off, and one of it raging pretty maxed out lmao


this means @yoyodoc is over 60 years old.

or he is exactly 60, and he rode his bike straight out of the womb, and he was one extremely gifted baby. :joy:

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Nice torch! That thing is a beast!!!
Always wanted to try a beth. Ran a GTT myself.

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i think you mean “GT”. :wink:

Mannnnn… I wish with everything in my I had the means to aquire a GTT XD

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Don’t go get yourself a Genius tattoo just yet.

Because that would be straight out Fraud.

I’m gonna type this s_l_o_w, just for you.

I was born on March 18th, 1951.

I am presently a few months short of 69 years old.

I wasn’t allowed to ride my bicycle too far from home with 1 exception. I have an older brother. I could ride farther down the road if I went with my brother and friends.

…Not sure what made you even question my post?

But mystery solved I would think.



my dad was born March 18th.

It is! SSQ and RedMax here. Liked em both for different reasons.

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