Giving away a free CoreCo Tako on the @editionyoyo instagram

Hey everyone! Edition will be giving away a CoreCo Tako, some Sochi T and some photo prints of the Tako to celebrate reaching 200 followers. All that you need to do is keep your eyes open for the 3 challenges. Challenges 1 and 2 have been posted and 3 will be going live tomorrow!

Challenge 1, 5 points possible.

  1. Tag 2 friends
  2. Follow @editionyoyo
  3. Repost this post to your story and tag @editionyoyo(helps me see you completed this step)
    Challenge 1

Challenge 2, 10-15 points possible
the “trick challenge” consists of you creating a trick or combo based on the mount shown. Enjoy and best of luck. This Challenge will be worth 10 points and an additional 5 points will be added on if you decided to do a breakdown or tut on the trick you come up with. In order to score these points please tag @editionyoyo on instagram and use the #editionchallenge hashtag. Good luck! Posts are due Wednesday, August 11th.
Challenge 2

Not all challenges need to be completed but the more points you score the higher your chance. Also as a disclaimer: CoreCo did not provide me with this yo-yo, it was just one that I loved for a long time and would love to pass along to someone else :slight_smile:


Challenge 3, Photography 10 points

In this challenge your goal is to push your artistic and creative sides. Dust off the old camera or use your phone to compose and shoot a great photo of your favorite yoyo. Editing is allowed so get creative. Tag @editionyoyo and use the #editionchallenge hashtag so I can see your entry.

The giveaway results will be posted either Wednesday night at 9pm PDT or Thursday 11am. Those are your deadlines!