Core Co. Mount of the Month


First, this is going to be a simple tutorial series. However, we’re also giving stuff away. For the super impatient, here’s the tutorial upfront.

Current mount:

First I’ll give you the two sentence version of what’s involved:

  • We post a short tutorial at the beginning of the month that teaches you a mount.
  • We give something away to a random participant (shirts, bags, stickers, yoyos, string, holders).

More detailed version:

  • We will post a short tutorial for a mount that we believe is relatively simple to learn while also being ‘outside the norm’ of the current trick meta. Throughout the month the Core Co. team will post progressions they’ve developed with the mount and also entire tricks utilizing the mount. We will also answer any questions you have and hold a live stream specifically to help you with any trouble you’re having.
  • OK, so how do you get the free stuff, you ask? Learn the mount, make something, ANYTHING, up with it and share it. If you share it on instagram tag us @corecoyoyos and #ccmotm. If you’re reading this on a forum, then upload to youtube with the title ‘Core Co. Mount of the Month #X’ (X being whichever mount number we’re on) and share it in this thread, if you only use youtube post it in the comments of the tutorial video. Every month we’ll randomly choose someone that learned the mount and shared something to receive some free stuff. The stuff will vary wildly, you never know what you’ll get. But worst case, you learned a new mount and made a new trick, right? That’s pretty sweet.

So one more quick run-down: we teach you mounts, we share what the team comes up using mount to help inspire you, you learn the mount, you create things at the same time we create things, you share what you’ve added to the mount on social media and tag us, we choose someone randomly to get free stuff! Every month. Afterwards we’ll also edit together all the tricks using the mount into one video for archival purposes. So in the future, if someone learns the mount, they can also watch what everyone created with it.


Love it! Subscribed!


Awesome. You guys are going to be at the va state yoyo contest right? And have some standards 4 sale? Cuz I really wants to buy one!


Thanks man, we really appreciate it!

Yes sir. We will be there and we will have Standards. Yoyoexpert will also be there, from what I hear!




Wow, only been at it a day and people are already participating. Check out what some people have made

Really excited about this project, so stoked that people are already into it!


Incase anyone was having a little trouble finding where to go with it, here are a few initial directions to take the mount in. POV shots at the end.


New mount for February!


March’s Mount, we’re gonna give everyone a little extra time on this one, taking submissions for it until the end of April: