Giving Away a Few Yo-yos! (All Gone! Please Close!)


Hey everyone!

So I’ve been throwing for a little while now(~7 months? Time flies!), and I think I’m going to dip my toes in the selling/trading world pretty soon. However, before I jump in, I want to make sure I have a solid process for packing and sending off throws quickly and securely, so I figured I’d giveaway a few throws that I just don’t play much anymore! I’m looking to give these away to people who haven’t been throwing too long(~3 months or less would be my sweet spot) so that newer folks get a chance to expand their collection, and I get a chance to declutter!

Some quick rules:

  • Please PM me your selection, how long you’ve been throwing, your favorite trick at the moment, and a name and address to send to
  • One yo-yo per person!
  • Continental US only. Sorry, just doing this as a test run!
  • First come, first serve! I’m going to do my best to field inquiries ASAP, but I figure these may go quick so please don’t be disappointed if the one you wanted gets snatched up!
  • Again, looking to give these away to relative newcomers. ~3 months or less experience would be my goal, but I’m flexible!
  • Note about vibe: Unless stated otherwise, I would say these are all pretty smooth. However, I can admit that I’m not the best at judging vibe, so your mileage may vary!

The Goods:

Recess Snack - Ecto Cooler - GONE
Fun undersized throw, but I’ve gotta admit I don’t think I’m good enough to bring out it’s full potential! One side of the fade is great, the other side has some weird anno flaws that were there when I bought it. There’s also one small ding from where it kissed my kitchen floor, but as far as I can tell it doesn’t affect play at all! Comes with original box!

TopYo Colossus IV - Painting - GONE
My first unresponsive metal I bought! It still plays great, I just haven’t kept it in the rotation. I believe this colorway was called “Painting”, and as you can see one side looks great, but the other definitely leans yellow. No damage of note, comes with original box!

UNPRLD Abduction - Raw(Clear?) - B-Grade - GONE
Picked up this b-grade Abduction on the cheap a few months back. Gotta be honest, I don’t think I’m a huge fan of raw throws! Even though I haven’t thrown it much at all, it’s gotten kinda dirty? I tried to capture some of the blemishes in the pictures. May just be a matter of polishing it up? Still plays great, just not my kind of throw. Comes with original box!

MagicYoyo x Brandon Vu Variant - White/Black Half Swap - GONE
I really like this plastic throw, enough that I bought another one for a friend just getting into unresponsive, which we then half swapped. It’s fallen out of the rotation since, however, so I’d love to get it into the hands of someone who will throw it a bit more. If you’re looking for a solid plastic, you can’t go wrong with this guy! Comes with original box!

I think that’s everything. I’d love to get everything squared away and shipped out tomorrow morning(9/7) if possible, so feel free to snatch these up! Thanks!


Very cool of you to give out some yoyos to newer throwers!


Variant is still available! Who wants it?

Edit: All accounted for! Please close!