*** SOLD *** Pay it Forward

Hey all,
I’m reaching a point where I have too many yoyos, and in order to justify getting some I want to try I need to clear out some space. I have the Throwback Skilltoys Arcade (Galaxy colroway), and iYoyo Passion (Color Explosion colorway) that I dont play with and I’d like to get them into the hands of people who would use/appreciate them more. The yoyos are in amazing shape, a few small marks on each but both are at least 9/10 smooth.

With the holiday’s coming up I’d love to help someone who may be struggling financially get a new yoyo, or a gift for someone special. I’d be happy to let these go for the price of shipping (about $5-10 for USPS priority mail). I’ll get some updated photos tonight and post them. If you’re interested in them, please send me a PM and lets work something out! Thanks so much for reading.

11/3/2021 - iYoyo Passion has been claimed. The Arcade is still available!

11/4/2021 - Throwback Skilltoys Arcade has been claimed. Thanks all.


Wholesome bump.

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Thanks my dude! Really want these two throws to go somewhere they’ll get used. They’re great yoyos, just not getting the love they deserve on my shelf.


As this generous offer involves personal finances, it might be best to ask for responses to be through pm.

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Thats a solid idea, thank you! Edited the OP.

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@bheinz63 comes through with another generous offer

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It may be generous, but its far from selfless lol ;]

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Bump, both still available for the cost of shipping!

wholesome bump for this lovely dude with a big heart!

As promised, recent photos. I’ll be including 10x Kitty Normal, a Center Trac bearing, and a set of pads with each (Passion will also include its smaller axle and slim bearing it shipped with).

Please DM me if you’re interested in one of these. Would love to help someone out and ensure themselves or a loved one has an awesome throw for just the cost of shipping.


All packed up tight and safe, ready for new homes. Two great yoyoa available for crazy low price. Please help me get these into some new hands. Priority shipping is about $5-10 domestically.

Oo those look amazing. You are wicked generous. If I was more skilled I’d jump on that offer.

There are no skill requirements for this, I just want to make sure the yoyos get into some hands that will appreciate them more than I am currently. The’yre great yoyos!

Bump. Hoping to give someone a great yoyo with extras for the cost of shipping. USPS Priority is about $8-10.

That’s a really nice gesture Brandon.

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the iYoyo Passion has been claimed as of today!!

The Throwback Skilltoys Arcade is still available for the cost of shipping! Help me get someone a new yoyo <3

Both yoyos have now been claimed! This topic can be closed.