Giveaway Time #3! Contest!

The last 2 have gone quite well, and I have decided to hold yet another random, silly contest to win some stuff!

So what’s up for grabs this time?

A New In Box Yomega Power Spin Original! (Plus some string to keep you throwin)

These have been out of production for a while but are loads of fun to throw around for fun.

This yoyo was first seen during the last great yoyo boom and was a yoyo that helped many a player get to the top of their game. Do not underestimate what it is capable of! Responsive fun in a slimline plastic.

So in light of giving away this yoyo from that great 98-2000 era, Im having a fun contest to see who can link the best yoyo freestyle songs from that era.
I’m sure many have heard of some very nostalgic songs that used to be played during freestyles of that time, but if you are not sure, go look up some freestyles from that era, probably find some good hints to the songs that were used. Even if that song has never been used before, it might very much sound like the stuff that was being used back then!

To give a quick example, Ill just throw one out for reference:

Anyways, the person who links the song that I feel is the best example of a song used for freestyling during this time and/or a song that has been used that is iconic from this time, will win the Power Spin!

So get to linking!

Contest runs starting now until the 28th of July (Saturday) at 11:59 PST.

I can ship international!

Good luck to all!

Fox Out!


Just a quick question!! So we just have to make a video of us yo-yoing with music from that era and that’s it!?

I loved watching this 2 years ago (when I found it, lol), still love it.  The song is just groovy, too.

1998 National Yoyo Contest 1A 4th David Gonzales

I like this one especially once it gets farther into the song!!!

EDIT: i changed my entry, its already a day before the contest end wirhout a reply, so im just gonna take my chances with changing my entry. this song is real cool and i think represents yoyo music. song and freestyle are funny as heck!!!

It does not have to be you, and it does not have to be yoyoing, or anything yoyo related or made by you.

Just link any song you feel fits the theme.
So a youtube link of the song is perfect.

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I can see a really Guy Wright style chilled 1A freestyle from this:

^^^That definitely makes me feel like an old time movie. :slight_smile:

I’ve always thought that this is the perfect song for a yo-yo freestyle.

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Dubstrp was created in 2005 in Britain by an underground techno artist… He wants older songs like back when Justin timber lake was in a band and jean michel jarre and stuff

I find this to be really good at about 1 minute onwards, nice beat.


I like this one:

High five
I love that game!

I listen to this when im practicing sometimes xD

Hey, I actually got one of those from a rummage sale. It was lying in a box and the lady there gave it to me for free. I eventually gave it away to one of my friends to learn with. It is pretty fun to throw with though.

This song was awesome to yoyo to then and still is. ;D

Best scooter song.  :smiley:

'Nuff said.

Oh yea remember the killer instict video game soundtrack?

we can probably only have one entry so i will stick with top gun but i remember these songs to.