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Duncan torque, yyf too hot, or werrd eighty-six four hundred?


For the fourth of July sale, not much time


Somebody please respond.


Dude, calm down. You’ve got to give people more than 15 minutes to reply. People do have lives away from YYE, especially on long weekends where they’re probably spending time with their families.



I would get a Torque I have had a blast with mine. I am playing it more than my CLYW’s right now.


Wait is summer vacation in December for Australia? Or is it winter break?


It’s the middle of winter right now and summer during December. I think we do our school holidays a bit differently. We’ve got 4 terms of 10 weeks each (give or take one, depending on the year) with two weeks break between each and a six week break over the Christmas/New Years period (usually starting about a week before Christmas).





86400 for fun

Torque for comp

Too hot for inbetween

I love the size of the 86400 but the stepped profile of the torque is really nice

The bell shape of the too hot is pretty comfy in your hand though