Give me the rundown on D size bearings

I’ve been looking at a lot of Japanese throws that use D bearings lately.

I know they are not very commonly used, but what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of yoyos that use them?

I have heard and experienced that they seem to do well in very light throws (>63g).

What else?

Don’t know allot about these but i grabbed a alchemy culater and it has a d size bearing it is a pretty light and small throw i don’t seem to get as much spin time out of it as i can some of my plastic throws not sure about newer models though

If you’re looking at D-bearing throws, look at sturm panzer. I love the Schneider Mk-II.

D bearings are actually wider than C bearings by roughly a quarter of a mm. I don’t really feel like that there are any disadvantages with D bearings, it’s mostly that most people use and prefer C bearings.

A D bearing on a rim-weighted yoyo will tend to contribute to kickback because of the smaller circumference.

That’s … if you think kickback is a thing worth caring about …


I don’t think I’ve seen that on the yoyos I have w/a D bearing (SPYY, HSPIN). The stock HSPIN Lily had huge kickback, but that was primarily due to the large gap size. A mm thinner bearing (4mm vs 5 mm D bearing) fixed it.

I’d buy that.

i really like the D-size in the undersized Hspin models Gorylla,Cut, Icon and presumably the Beysick which i sadly not own. Also the old Pyro or G&E 4 play nice but have noticeable kickback. really unique feel when thrown but i prefere C or ILYY KMK size for Full Size YoYos.

To me the D-size run smoother than most C-Size manly due the better quality and as they are very common here in europe i can get ceramic or high quality steel bearing, with 4mm or 5mm width, for 4-10 Euro at ordinary scale-modeling stores.