GIVE-AWAY!!! part 2...

Here is part 2:

I have a gold/black/red/white/blue Element String. This one turned out a bit short, if you are tall, let me know in your PM so you don’t turn out with a short string. Also, I don’t want repeated winners, sorry Kim-Lan. And the last thing; I wont be doing give-aways this often (2 times a day), I will do them about twice-three times a week, just so you know. I wanted make it clear that I will do these. But They can come whenever, wherever, so always be ready. Here’s the question:

What yoyo did Yosshi Mikamoto use to break the record of the longest buddah sleeper?(Full yoyo’s name please!)

YoyoJam Dark Magic


Buddha King G5

YoYoFactory Buddha King?

PM me your address and the string will be on it’s way!

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