GIVE-AWAY!!! part 2...


Here is part 2:

I have a gold/black/red/white/blue Element String. This one turned out a bit short, if you are tall, let me know in your PM so you don’t turn out with a short string. Also, I don’t want repeated winners, sorry Kim-Lan. And the last thing; I wont be doing give-aways this often (2 times a day), I will do them about twice-three times a week, just so you know. I wanted make it clear that I will do these. But They can come whenever, wherever, so always be ready. Here’s the question:

What yoyo did Yosshi Mikamoto use to break the record of the longest buddah sleeper?(Full yoyo’s name please!)

(Jesse) #2

YoyoJam Dark Magic




Buddha King G5


YoYoFactory Buddha King?


PM me your address and the string will be on it’s way!