Getting my first metal yo-yo! Before I order is there anything else I need?

Yeah, so um, this kinda happened to me…

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful suggestions!

My final list goes as so:
C3 Di Base2
Kitty Strings 10 pack (Normal)
YYF Multi Tool

I planned on getting a bearing as well but it was to much in the end. Thanks against for everyone’s adobe! Have a wonderful day everybody!

I think you’ve got it right. I’m glad you didn’t get a 100 pack of string; you might find another string you like better and 100 is an awful lot of string to go through. Some brands (Big Yoyo Type 1, Toxic Dragons) last forever. Pretty sure I haven’t gone through 100 strings since I started playing almost a year ago.

Agree 100% on the tool and small packs of string. String is a preference that is completely personal. It’s good advice to try a few brands/types out.

Buy the multitool, string, and response online. If you think you can do the silicone then don’t buy response. Just go get some flowable silicone. As for lube, just go to walmart and buy some Rem Gun Oil. It’s cheaper than yoyo lube and works great.

Here is where I can tell you what I really wanted to in the first place.

I would not buy a 100 pack of Kitty string. It whips so slowly that you have to almost break your arm to hit a brent stole. The fat Kitty may whip a little faster, but it’s the same material so it won’t be by much. Recently I bought a Toxic Sampler, 10 pack of regular Kitty, Yoyostringlab Ammo, Slick 6 Poly, and some Quick 13 string sold on these forums. I would recommend Toxic BG1’s and Toxic Snakes. They are both thicker than normal string, but no too thick. They both whip great. The Snakes a little better than the BG1’s. The BG1’s are softer than the Snakes. In the end it will come down to preference. A lot of people like Yoyostringlab Ammo and type X, but they don’t work for me. They are too bouncy and whip too slow. You will have to eventually try them all in order to find what you like the best, but for now you could go with any of them really. I just wouldn’t buy a 100 pack just in case you end up not liking the string at all.

Beyond 42 strings are beast! especially the marvins.

Strings is a something you absolutely need. Response pads too if they fall out. And get yourself something extra like a t shirt, lube, yyf factory tool, ext. Totally up to you though.

You chose wisely, young padawan.
as others have said, 100 strings is a lot. I still most of the 200 orange poly strings I bought when I started over 2 years ago(my cat peed on one, so I bought a second 100 pack. But a quick clean in my washing machine got rid of any smell). Then I also ordered a 100 pack of kitty strings because I prefer them, and still have most of those.

Your cat peed on your strings. That’s funny. Cat peeing on kitty string.

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I also chuckled when I compared my name to buying kitteh kitty strings.

Just an update, my throw came!!! Everything looks awesome and I haven’t been able to put it down all day! Thanks again to everyone for their advice!