Getting my first metal yo-yo! Before I order is there anything else I need?

Hi guys! This is my first official topic! Any who, I’ve decided to order the C3 Di Base2. Before I place the official order, is there anything else I should know? Tips for upkeep or extra parts to order? Any knowledge would be awesome!

Thanks everyone!

Make sure you have extra string. :wink:

Got it! Any particular brand people suggest?

Extra string (I like kitty fats myself)

Extra response stickers – at least one pack

An extra bearing (unless you already have one)

I use normal Kitty.

A couple of things you should add to your order:

  1. String. You’ll go through a lot of string so I’d recommend getting a large bundle. My go-to string is Kitty polyester (normal thickness). It’s cheap, works well, and is a bit gentler on the hands than most other strings available in bulk.
  2. Lube. From time to time, the bearing in your yoyo will get a bit noisy. When this happens, it’s time to give it a clean and apply a bit of lube. Just make sure you get some thin lube and not the thick stuff (which is designed for looping yoyos). Don’t think there’s any huge difference between brands here.
  3. Multi-tool. You’re going to need something to do those little maintenance things so you may as well get yourself a multi-tool. The YYF multi-tool cuts strings, removes bearings and removes/tightens axles. The Monkeyfinger multi-tool does all that (albeit, not quite as well) as well as pick knots and open bottles. If pressed to pick just one, I’d go with the YYF because it’s cheaper and does what it does better (I feel).
  4. Response. Given that you’re still new to all this, I’d advise against flowable silicone for the time being and go with adhesive response pads when those binds start getting a bit slippy. I believe the Di Base 2 takes the standard 19mm slim response which are made by YYF, YYJ and IrPads.

I think that’s everything you’ll need to get you going and for the basic maintenance. If you have any other questions, let us know! We’re always happy to help.


i would suggest buying 4 or 5 different types of strings in ten packs.
so you will learn which strings you will love and hate. although it might cost you more money, it will be better in the long run, because you will not have that doubt of trying new strings when you are stuck with only 1 type of 100pack strings.

YYE poly
kitty normal
kitty fat
kitty nylon
chaos string
toxic strings

there are lots of different strings out there. try them!

and what people mentioned before. try a konkave or trifecta bearing only if you have the money and you will need to buy response pads for sure.

Just get yourself a pack of 10 Kitty String and you’re good. Don’t worry about lube yet. It will only make things more difficult when starting out anyway.

Good luck. Your first metal is a really awesome experience.

This is sage advice.

If you feel like you’d like to get more “bang for your shipping buck” maybe grab an extra bearing.

Besides a yoyo, all you need is string. And maybe a multitool, since they’re just handy.

I never use lube, I regret ever purchasing response pads, and you don’t need another bearing. The stock bearing in just about every yoyo will be perfectly adequate.

Flowable silicone, which you can buy at the 99 cent store, is in my opinion FAR better than response pads, and a fraction of the price. The only downside is you can’t throw whatever yoyo you’re using it in for 24 hours while you let it cure. I don’t see how being a beginner has any bearing on whether you should use pads or silicone. It’s an incredible simple product to use, and there are plenty of readily available guides on how to use it.
You won’t have to worry about changing response for some time though. I’d say atleast a month or two, likely longer.

Buy what you can now so you pay for just one shipping price.
You really only need string. Some yoyo string lab ammo string.
Multi tool is good to have, but I think there are other household items you can substitute in place of a multi tool.
Bearings are going to be experimental at first. There’s flat, concave, grooved, 8-10 balls, and some with a combination of all. Try them all if you get a chance.
A small bottle of lube can lube hundreds of bearings. You may not need any at first until you get to the cleaning process of bearings.
Response pads on the di base should last about a month with everyday play.
Have fun.

I say just go for a 100 bulk pack of yye poly. It’ll last you forever and a half. Other than that, maaaaybbbeeee pick up a bearing to upgrade your DiBase 2. It might just be me, but I’m not a huge fan of C3Yo’s stock bearings. It can’t hurt to have an extra bearing either way. Congrats on your first metal! :slight_smile:

Multi-tools are great, but if you want to save a few bucks, you can use the end of an allen wrench to remove bearings. Not sure what size you need though.

I say DO NOT buy tons of bulk string. I got 100 yye slick 6 and after trying diff string months later you wont wanna go back, so now i have 70+ strung lying around. I would get random packs of string

Like others have said get a multitool. I love the yyf one. I put it on my key chain the day I got it and it has worked great for 2 years now and I use it all the time. Sure you can use other stuff but nothing is as convenient and there’s no search around the house (unless you lose your keys) I would also start getting a bearing here and there. Nothing worse then a bearing crapping out and not having another to put in. Lastly I think a case is a good investment if you plan on getting a few (just be warned that when you have 18 slots you feel compelled to fill them all). It keeps them safe and secure when you travel or just have them around the house. Nothing worse then dropping a nice metal off your dresser cause you bumped it and putting a big ding that wasn’t even caused by doing something cool. :wink: good luck in crossing over to metal.

I’ve successfully used a 7/32" allen wrench, but exercise caution when using this method.

I say get 25-100 strings, the yoyo, and call it a day.

I’ve never used an allen wrench. But the correct size drill bit is a 1/4". The inner race is exactly .250", so it fits perfectly.

I honestly don’t see a purpose in using lube, unless it’s for 2a. I’ve been running bearings dry after cleaning them 2 years with no ill effects. I know people who have gone longer. Unless you want a responsive yoyo, or live somewhere where rust is an issue (ie: near the beach), it’s not necessary.

I run my bearings dry as well. They hold up just fine. I prefer the way they play dry.

most important thing i can think of since i destroyed one of mine by accident this way is:

don’t over tighten.


Get 25 extra string

Get one or two pairs of response pads

Get an extra bearing