Getting back into it and here is my first one

As a kid I enjoyed my yoyo’s incredibly. Since I also manufacture skateboard trucks I wanted to support a small U.S.A. manufacturer. No doubt the yoyo I have purchased is beyond my abilities but I have always liked great machined parts and I jumped in full speed. It will be entertaining to say the least as I work my way thru the list of tricks.

Here is my choice which should be here soon.
One Drop Code 2 Nautilus

I’m pretty excited to have a code 2 coming in the mail as well. I’ve been with this hobby off and on for years. I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with buying throws beyond your abilities if you got the money to do so. After you learn tricks on a high quality throw you can always go back and perfect them on less forgiving throws if you want.

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Thanks for the response. I plan to start doing some videos just to show that you can teach an old dog such as myself new tricks.

I started last year at 39. I’m 40 now. IF you want to learn, you WILL learn.

You do know the difference between responsive and unresponsive play, right? If not, you might want to buy something inexpensive that’s responsive just to get yourself back into it a bit. A DUncan Butterfly is as good as anything else for those purposes.

See no problem with getting a throw above your skill level, personally after I got my Yuuksta as my first metal I felt I should have just gone with that from the start. Binding doesn’t take too long to get down from my viewpoint, though many people say you should start with responsive first, many people are just diving right into unresponsive and they don’t seem to have many issues.

Just a tip, play over soft surfaces like carpet if you’re starting out learning how to bind and familiarizing yourself. It’ll be much less painful when you look back at how many dings you’ve collected xD

Put some thick lube in the bearing to make it a little more responsive. That will help until you get the binding down.

Thank you all for the kind reception and tips. One of the reasons I went grey anodized was because it would not show up the dings and scratches as much. Of course I could always take it to the polishing wheel or scotchbrite it back to a similar look. I will definitely learn stuff over carpet guaranteed. Perhaps we could call walking the dog on carpet mowing the lawn.

Regarding responsive and unresponsive. Yep, been studying that and it is of course on my high priorities to learn my binding techniques.

This is a great community and thanks for the tips.

When I ran into YYE … I didn’t know how to bind and my first order was a Newbreed which is totally unresponsive … But it forced me to learn how to bind.

You can do it!!!