getting a another cool yoyo

hey guys like the title says im getting a late birthday gift so exactly yeah
oh and dont say 888 or dna cuz i already have the 07888 and the 888x

I would suggest expanding beyond YYF.

And why are people voting for anything other than other? We have no idea what you like.

me too. I say get you something without the YYF logo. Try the remnant or the DNS if you can find it. Or get you a nice yyj.

i already have 5 yyjs and 3 cwly and 2 yyfs and one werrd and a couple of other yoyos
i want a yyf my preference is smooth play i dont care about shape

Well if you absolutely want a YYF then get a hectic.

I still think a DNS by KYO or the Remnant byt String Theory would broaden your perspective. Maybe even a SPYY or a Big Brother?

Skyline for undersized. genesis for full sized and a TT for non YYF. That is what I would get. Either one you probably will like.

Get a G5 with a kk. Smooth as can be.

Why would you want to expand beyond yyf there are amazing?

how about getting something from CLYW? or One Drop?
and write preferences please, it makes life easier

Assuming I know what you meant to say there, it’s because everybody has one and the other companies and owners aren’t getting the love they should get. Also, I could say that because there are no preferences to go by.

ur right im getting the 888x and a werrd thx