Get the Summit or the Rally first?


I’ve been saving up for the Summit for a while now. But now I’ve heard many fantastic stuff about the Rally and am wondering if I should get that first and then start saving up for the Summit. I’ll get both, it’s just a matter of what comes first.

(SR) #2

Get whatever you’re in the mood for. If you don’t like the Rally you can sell it and get more money for the Summit. Plus, we don’t know when the Rallies will restock so get them while you can.


Thanks! Do you think there will still be Summit’s available in 5 months?

(SR) #4

I would think so. It’s one of the most popular yoyos to ever be released. It would be a shame if they were put out of production.

I can’t tell you for sure, I would ask David from One Drop or Chris from CLYW, but I would think so.


There probably going to have the rally In 5 months right? Since its new, so id go with summit.

And no mordo316, I havent tried the rally


How can you say that? They’ve been out less than a year, right? I think what you mean to say is its one of the most popular right now.