Get on my level

A new video featuring some new concepts and stuff, some mess up here and there. Trying to smooth them out. Enjoy!
One Drop Y-Factor
Song: Level by The Raconteurs

sweet! loved all the combos.
real smooth

please dont include the screw-ups (unless they’re funny). and dude, that string is killing me, like wow, it was just painful. shorten by alot, it makes your throws look goofy and some of the tricks kind of odd. cool concepts though, deffinently

Thats some great critique but, please don’t be obnoxious and mean about it. And he says the longer string helps for whips and stuff so it’s not for no reason.

I was genuinly shocked by this. If I may offer one peace of advice. Step up your description a bit. From the tone I got I was expecting some really simple tricks, and about a 40 second video. You did put some work into this, and you may not have edited out the mistakes, but it was still pretty good.

So the description made my video look like a beginner? What should I put to make it more interest people?

good video.

I would name it just like “Concepts” or “Messin Around”

I dont know if you intended it to be like your messing around, but that’s what I thought.

Something about “Get on my level” It read to me like come down to my level. Personally I’d say go with a HOLE NOTHA LEVA. or New Concepts. yoyoFRReak got the idea.

3 thing:
Awesome tricks
Nice title (based on the tricks it seemed like “Try and get up to my level”)
Awesome backdrop

That was Incredible! How long have you been throwing? Your already better then me by far! I was just super impressed. You dont see a lot of smaller kids doing the tricks and slacks your doing. :wink:

soo dope !!! :wink: maybe better than Jensen :slight_smile: :slight_smile: you make me go :o :o

Yeah good point, thanks for the help. I’ll keep that in mind for the future.
Thank you to all the others for the comments!
And Cody I’m at 1 year and 3 or 4 months.

whoa!!! u r good!!! i cant do that… U R A BEAST!!!
p.s. its gonna take a while for me 2 get on your lvl!!!