Gentry Stein = Gamer on stage at worlds?


Am I the only one that noticed that Gentry was wearing an Aperture Science shirt on stage during his Worlds performance? That is some class right there, Portal 2 is one of my all time favorite games.

You can see it in this photo from YoYoNews.


Though that would be cool, that is the Shutter logo. Aperture Science’s logo is based off an aperture, also called, a shutter. It’s the base of the logos for both. Also, the Aperture logo has 9 triangles, while the Shutter has 6.




And the triangles are oriented in opposite “directions” as well.




Definitely a Shutter t-shirt but Gentry is a pretty cool dude. I’m sure he plays Portal too :wink:



Imma search him up on xbl or psn hahahaha.


Let this be a lesson, pay more attention. I honestly don’t think I have seen the Shutter logo. LOL

Bummer, I would have loved to see some gamers represent on stage. Maybe have a group do an AP performance to Still Alive. ;D


I HIGHLY doubt he would be wearing something other than a YYF shirt in a big contest like this.


You really think the world yoyo champion is a console peasant?


Now now, let’s keep that sort of zealotry to the yoyo brand elitist fanboys. :slight_smile:

You are probably correct, but it would have been cool.


Just kidding around, my PC is terrible so I’m stuck as a peasant myself.


Its not about the hardware in your pc, its about the software in your heart.