Shutter Birthday Bundle - Celebrating Six Years Old!

Happy Birthday Shutter!

The amazing @Gentry_Stein YoYoFactory Shutter turns six years old today!

To celebrate we have a Birthday Bundle page where you can snag a new Shutter or Shutter Wide Angle and get a free 2 compartment yoyo case AND a SnapShot (responsive Gentry Signature (SpinStar) yoyo!) Either have fun throwing some classic responsive tricks or perhaps you have someone in mind to pass it on to and maybe you can help create that next World YoYo Champion!

As the story goes:

In 2013 the now famous Shutter was released. Signature series of then up and coming player Gentry Stein. No National or World title. As the original description introduced Gentry:

“Chase your dreams until they become real. Gentry Stein has not done it all. He doesn’t have a room full of Worlds Trophies. He doesn’t have a National Title. This is what keeps him the hungriest, most committed Yo-yo player on the planet. His tricks are there. His freestyles on point. Style undoubted. His day just hasn’t come yet.”

It is safe to say that the Shutter has been the true champion and Gentry has won a World Title on BOTH the original Shutter design (2014 Worlds) and the Wide Angle Shutter design (2019 Worlds)!

While supplies last! Happy Birthday Shutter!


I’m going to go ahead and guess this is actually called the SnapShot?


lmao…I’d never have even caught that :joy:
It’d make SO much more sense if it were a translucent green. :sneezing_face:

Also, I’m sad that none of these come with a green Shutter or Wide Angle. I’d be all over this. I really want one of these cases!


I think that the shutter is the most iconic yoyo… pun intended