Genesis or genesis with hubs, and FH2 or BigYo?

I know these threads are often hated upon, but i’m working out a trade and here are my options:
1.A beater small bearing genesis,other yoyo’s,a FH2 and a big yo.
2.A pretty nice genesis with hubs,other yoyo’s,and an FH2 or a big yo.

I know the FH2 and the big yo aren’t really comparable, but just asking your guys’ opinions.
I’m kinda leanin towards the hub’d genesis, but still thinking.

1- The Genesis… AWESOME THROW… I love mine so much, its a large bearing, hubstacked one… Now look past the hubstacks… Do you want a large bearing or small? stacks aren’t a big deal, and how beat is the yoyo? I’d personally go with the large bearing, because I prefer large bearings and I wouldn’t really want a beater.

2- now as far as the Bigyo and fh2, I’d go with the bigyo, because I like 4A and the fh2 is only like 15 bones…

So, go from there… Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense, I just kinda ran with it.

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I would go with the hub’d genesis with a big yo

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Edit: THanks Jhb

The hub Genesis. Although non stacked Genesis is an awesome throw, taking the stacks of a Genesis would be almost the same. And FH2 vs Big-Yo, I’d say Big-Yo because it’s great for learning 4A. I don’t think you need the FH2 because, well, it’s just ^^15 bones.