Genesis or Arctic circle

Witch one?

Arctic Circle no doubt!

Arctic Circle.

The Genesis is super stable and great for the price, but slow. The Arctic Circle is balanced and expensive. They are too far apart to fairly compare.

Thanks. On one hand, the genisis is cheaper and I could save money, on the other hand an AC’s shape is great. Do genesises play we’ll for three a?

Yes. They are plenty stable.

Ok. How about the AC? Is it good for anything other than 1 A?

Like most unresponsive yoyos, its good for everything but looping and offstring.

get a genesis if you want 3a,1a,5a
ac for 1a/5a, 3a if you can afford it

A AC is expensive. Genesis is H shape stable and is great for 5a.(no duh ;)) it is a great 1a. I can’t say it’s good for 3a because the only 3a I’ve done is a atmosphere and a PGM :).

I love both of them so I can’t really say