General Yo - The 5 Star - Review

Shortly after my review of the Torrent, Ernie over at General-Yo called me up to tell me he had another yo-yo in the works. I was quite surprised since the Torrent was just dropped and was such a huge success. I thought for sure he was going to do another run, but Ernie, with excitement in his voice, told me differently. The new yo-yo was going to take what the Torrent did successfully and roll it into a new design. It was going to match up more with what people wanted, and was going to be sweeter than the floor in a Snickers Bar factory. I am excited to review for you and present the 5 Star by General-Yo.

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Great review, I must say. It looks like you have been less objective and critic as in other reviews, or is it just a flawless yoyo?

Honestly I could not find anything wrong with it. Keep in mind, your mileage may vary. I was looking pretty hard for something…

This yoyo seems very interesting. I might put this on my to get list.

It might be hard to get one since there were only around 60 made.

Oh. I wanted to get one. It looks like a good shape, and it looks like it would be so smooth, and also fast.

I am absolutely depressed that I missed my window to get one of these. Something told me it was going to be special. And then they were sold out when I went to place the order.

This review hits that home for me.

For those of you lucky enough to own one, drop one extra trick before you put it away for the day. For me. ;D

Hey Doc, I’ve seen a couple in the B/S/T over last couple of days. If you really want one.

well sorry for getting off topic but…
when I went to redondo today I saw a kid who was a begginer pick one up off the counter without permission: rule break #1
then next thing I know hes taking it outside:rule breaker #2
then he starts doing WALK THE DOG on the PAVEMENT: rule breaker # 3
when the staff inspects it they say they have to pay for it
they make the excouse that their credic card is in their car and take off: rule breaker # 4

sorry for spreading romurs but its sad that there are only 59 non-schrached ones now

Wow man, that is intense. It is a real shame to because the 5 Star sold out all over the world on day 1