General Yo Kevlar String

It doesn’t say how many come in a pack.

Looks like packs of 100 according to the pictures.

If you read the description it tells you 10 per pack. :wink:

Thats new. Dollar a string, I suppose. Wow…

Wow, how much is Kevlar? Looks awsome but way too expensive. Sorta.

That all depends on how durable the string is. Does 10 strings last as long as 100? If so that’s a better deal.

Oh. I see. Good point

They need to have double the life of g-string and I doubt that is the case… but im super curious.

If you get the chance to play some, let us know ;D

Not really… I usually end up getting tight knots in a string before it brakes.

I was implying that you don’t get any knots, plus when it comes down to it, knots have nothing to do w/ durability. They are just an inconvenience that cause you to have to change strings even if its not time to.

I dont believe I have ever got a knot I couldnt get out. Stop biting your nails. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually do have to stop biting my nails but I always have a safety pin on my key chain for those “just in case” moments ;D