Here’s another OD yoyo that I have heard no chatter about…I mean…for other companies there is hype…for some it’s mild, for others it is super strong…But for OD there is silence … I love that company…it’s products, it’s values, it’s crew… but somehow I never ever get that hype feeling from the community for OD
Why is this??

P.S.- it says First Released in March 2016…so does that mean it’s already been released at other stores?..also…what’s up with the huge width?

i don’t know where your coming from, but onedrop gets a lot of hype. Maybe not as much as clyw, but if you remember around the release of the markmont classic there was a ton of hype.

I wasn’t around when MC released…
I dunno…it’s just that i hadn’t heard of the gauntlet…or the vanguard…or the rebirth like just before they were released… If you’d asked me a week prior to the respective throws’ release about them , i would have no clue…
On the other hand, I know that a new yeti, Yuuki sig, Riccardo sigand Igloo, are next in the lineup of clyw…

Depends what news/social you follow I guess. The Gauntlet was pre-released at PNWR and Idaho States and there has been lots of talk on the Facebook BST and Reddit about it. Do you mean here on this forum?

We just put the Gauntlet page up on our site yesterday and are getting ready to officially announce it today.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and there you’ll get more info sooner.

Definitely have seen info on the Gauntlet and it looks great!

Have not seen info on a Riccardo sig…

And whether intentional or not, and am firmly aboard the TopDeck hype train. :slight_smile:

Totally off topic, but if you slowly repeat the word “gauntlet” about 10 times, it starts to lose all its meaning and becomes this weird sound some swamp animal might make.


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Can’t unhear :slight_smile:

today’s my payday. Good timing!

I have to say after playing this yoyo exclusively all week long…  I am in LOVE with it!!!  It is soooo much fun.  Can be chill and laid back AND can tear it up for comp…  What a great great yoyo!!!  I have a feeling you are all going to love it!!
:wink: :wink:

Here is mine:


Iiiiiii  don’t know… You don’t sound very convinced.  :wink:

One of the new colorways in this release: Beetroot


^^ Whoa. That looks awesome!

Guess it’s time to buy a new yo-yo…

So, will YYE be getting these?

Gauntlet, TopDeck, and that POM throw I’ve been seeing all look amazing. Need to start saving my pennies!

Absolutely. Dropping April 1st.

Gauntlet review from High Speed YoYo should drop either this weekend or next. Trying my hardest to get it out this weekend. :slight_smile:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

It’s a trick. :wink:

If I’m not playing the gauntlet I’m playing the vanguard. So good. These two throws have been getting most of the attention.