The One Drop GAUNTLET is Back!


OneDrop continues their mission that started with the Vanguard, a mission to make sure that yo-yos of the highest quality are available to yo-yo players at a great price. They are throwing down the Gauntlet!

Just like the Vanguard, the American made Gauntlet will start at $49 for solid colors. Unlike the Vanguard, it’s big, wide and organic. Early feedback at contests has been really positive and after throwing it we have to agree!


The Gauntlet features a full-bodied organic catch zone that starts with a nice bump coming out of the gap to reduce friction in horizontal play. The rims taper off elegantly giving it a satisfying feel in the hand and a steady feel on the string. It’s stable and long spinning with plenty of speed!

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Red and green?? Christmas colors??? It’s not even October! I kid, I kid, I’m sure it’s just a coincidence (or is it…)

No specs on the store page?

Yeah, that was odd. You can check though if you’re curious

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Thanks for the link.

Anyone have any opinions on it?

Gauntlet rocks.

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Was it redesigned?

Nope, just more made.

whoops - page fixed.

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