Show some respect to CrocoStrings. Too legit

Message CrocoCorey to buy some.

which type of string were u using? marshmallows or fantasy chords?

Fantasy Chords

Had a hunch just by the way I saw them play haha they r great strings tho.

Yes, they’re some of the best hand made string I’ve tried.

I just ordered some marshmallows but it takes more that just strings to do what you did. Good show!

Thanks, it was really just more of a test of the string.

And you’ll be happy with the Marshmallows, they’re good!

What all have u tried?

Reg. Cat Tails

Fantasy Chords


It looks like you might have had a little trouble with lighting, although i must say that it was handled very well.

I mean noncrocostrings.

I color corrected it to look like that on purpose.