CrocoStrings Review

Today I am going to tell you about CrocoStrings. I’m gonna let you know what I like, what I don’t like, and what each string is good for. Hopefully after reading this review you’ll be able to decide what kind of CrocoString is best for you.

Cat Tails: I decided to start off talking about these strings because they are the most interesting. They have a very wiry and stiff feels, yet it is smooth. If played too fast it can result in serious string burn. These things whip like a tank. They are so dense and whipable, I was able to land 2.0 hooks consistently, and even the occasional 2.5 hook. Overall, these strings are best for any form of whipping, but avoid using these strings for speed play. I should also mention that these are somewhat inconsistent with tension.

Marshmallows: These are very interesting strings. I can start off saying that these are smooth and can be used for most kinds of play. They are as tightly woven as the Cats, but can still whip well to a certain extent. They overall feel like a loosely woven Kitty String. I recommend these to anyone who likes a thin and smooth string that holds tension well.

Fantasy Chords: These strings were my personal favorite. This string excels in all styles of play. They have a comfortable amount of bounce, and hold tension the best. They are smooth and whip just as well as the Cat Tails, without being wiry and aggressive. These are very pleasing to the finger. They are good for any style and I recommend them to anyone who wants to try an interesting new string.

I believe the only string I did not review would be the Fat Cats, but those are supposedly just thicker Cat Tails. I can’t even imagine how well these would whip.

Overall, CrocoStrings is a good brand run by a cool guy, and you should order some and experience these strings for yourself.

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