-CrocoString- Review

Crocostring Review

I will be review all aspects of crococorey’s string company.

Customer Service- Few people review this but I think it can make or break a business. Corey has been very nice and cordial when answering my questions. He is open to suggestions and truly values the opinions of others. Not snotty or rude in anyway during our correspondences.

Packaging- The strings came in an envelope with a Crocostring sticker on the back. Very basic. He’s just getting started so I he’ll be upgrading sooner or later.

Logo/Branding: I like his logo. Would be cool if each string type had a logo but this is not a necessity.

String types

  • Cat tails
  • Fat Cat tails
  • Marshmallows
  • Fantasy Chords
  • Fat Fantasy Chords (new. Will not be featured)

Cat Tails- %100 Polyester. This string will last you ages. These are super slick, really whippy, and lovely for slack. I haven’t had a string tension problem with these. They hold tension pretty well. Beware of Eli hop string burn. It hurts. I think that this is Corey’s second best string.

Cat tails in use: http://youtu.be/lJs7gXOURf4

Fat Cat Tails-  Polyester. At first I hated Fat Cats. They took all the best qualities of the OG Cats and made them thicker. It took some adjustment but with time I came to like them. They’re pretty good if you like fat string. It’s just not my style. They are just as slack friendly as the OG Cats.

Marshmallows- A poly nylon mix. They hold tension well. They are of medium thickness. I didn’t care for them. It is on par with normal YYF poly. Not special to me. This does not mean bad. They are perfectly usable.
I just didn’t like them.

Fantasy Chords- %100 Nylon. My Favorite. By far. So soft. Great on tension and whips/ slacks are great. They last for a long time too. They are of medium thickness and are perfectly wonderful. They feel like a soft warm kitty string.

One special note: During the week I played these strings I had an increased trick creation rate.

Tricks Made

  • Munchies (combo)
  • Spin Cycle (combo)
  • String Levitation (new)
  • Slack Grind Bind


  • Hook
  • GT Laceration (Brent Stole)

During the previous weeks I’d been using old worn poly. As soon as these strings arrived the creativity flowed through my brain. It could be from string withdrawal. However, I feel that good string accelerates trick progression. It certainly did for me. :wink:

Overall Thoughts: It’s top notch string made by a really nice guy. I’d buy OG Cat tails and Fantasy Chords by the hundreds (gotta burn through these Nylon Kitties first though). His other varieties are nice too. Corey offers a string for everyone. Crocostrings are good and will only get better.

You can purchase here:

One thing I’m skeptical about is how do you know how good it is for whips? And this is not directed towards you specifically in any way, but you have been yoyoing for a not so long-ish time. What about these strings makes them good for whips? For example, I can say I’m decent at my whip because of practice and repetition, so it doesn’t matter what string I use. What details makes some of the string whippy?

And the thing about your improvement in skill is probably a placebo

But I do like how you’re giving both sides of the story and not like “O M G these strings are so good if i use them in Prague I’m instantly World Champion”

I know iron and jade whip. I catch the yoyo with more consistency (when using Cat Tails) and the loops stay nice and open. You’re right, I may need help from a specialized string with whips due to my less than a year of yoyoing. You may not cause you have them skillz.

My skills haha i don’t have any. You’re too kind :wink:

But if you really want to push your skills into the next level and make combos, I suggest learning stuff like Follow and Lord of the Flies and maybe try and get your double whips consistent

I make combos. I want to learn lord of the flies though.

I meant like whip combos sorry for the weird wording

Do any of these strings have a nice bounce? One of my favorite qualities in string.

Great review! Thank you! Bounce- the fantasy chords have a nice lively bounce (read some of the other reviews- find a link in my BST) and the marshmallows also have a little bounce. The cat tails aren’t really the “bouncy” type. More for whips.

Them fantasy chords are bouncy. Cat Tails aren’t that bouncy though.

Good Review

I didnt Know Fantasy Cords Were Nylon. I love Nylon String So I definatly Want To try Those Out Some Time When I get Low On String

Cat tails are extremely whippy. Fantasy chords aren’t as whippy as the other but are still more whippy than blueprint kitty and many other strings.

In my opinion, the Cat Tails are TOO whippy for me. But the Fantasy Chords pack just the right amount of whip for that style of play. Fast without making you lose control.

I can see that, I like it tho lol, and yeah the fantasy chords can still whip like a boss.

Fantasy Chords are some of the best. Better than kitty nylon. IMO

Yea Thats What Makes Me Want To Try Them

Yes, they’re a whole separate class from Kitty Nylon. Despite being made of the same material, you could hardly find two more different strings. Dem Chords… unique and very playable.

Oh and I added a fatter version to help with those binds :).