Crocostrings Review (4 types except fat fantasies)

Well I wasn’t one of crococorey’s reviewers, but I was so pleased with his strings, I felt the need to make a review! I’ve had crocostrings for about a week now and they’ve really impressed me. So far I’ve tried thin, normal and fat kitty string, nylon and 1.5 kitty, blueprint, jackrabbits, regular poly from yye, and type x. I’ve played all of these strings for long periods of time and have really focused on the upsides and downfalls of each. So here we go.

Cat Tails / Fat Cat Tails ($5.80 for 10, the most fun string and might be my new favorite):

The regular work for smaller gap yoyo’s like the YYJ Classic or YYF Popstar and the fat type works well with any normal or slightly wider gap.

• Super whippy, you can pull of any whip or slack with ease
• Come in super bright colors (neon orange, neon yellow, neon green, and other regular colors)
• Last a really long time (Mine doesn’t have a single sign of wear even after a MONTH of play for hours a day)
• Nice slick smooth plasticy feel (sweat doesn’t affect play much at all)
• Good binds

• Doesn’t hold tension as well (the more you use it, the better tension it holds, it actually holds tension pretty well eventually)
• Hurts your hands a tad bit when breaking in, but after that it’s fine.

Fantasy Chords ($5.50 for a 10 pack, my overall favorite string)

• Super soft
• Semi slick (sweat only slightly affects it)
• Whips great (not as good as cat tails, but can pull off any whip fairly easily)
• Holds tension fairly well
• Long lasting (not as much as the cat tails, but still with a week of heavy usage there are only a couple stray threads popping up)

• Non the super bright colors like the cat tails, but have some good pop out colors like the yellow and light green
• Not as whippy as cat tails (still really nice though, better than any kitty and blueprint)
• When worn, get thin and harder to bind, I’d suggest his new fat cat tails.

Marshmallows ($3 for a 10 pack, makes the yoyo feel the best on the string)

• Soft
• Gives the yoyo a nice floaty feel
• Holds tension the best (even when worn)

• Not the super bright colors, they are similar to fantasy chords
• Can’t whip well at all
• Wear out the fastest (like a normal kitty)

Overall, with the amount of time these strings last and their costs, you are getting a heck of a deal! I prefer the cat tails more than any other string I’ve tried.

Get them here:,70691.0.html

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