Gameboy Mystery

Hey guys, I found this video on Youtube and was wondering if anybody knew about it. I think it might be fake, but i dont know…

Dude tht is so sketchy. my friend was here with me watching tht and he believes tht the government put a tracking device into his gameboy. lol seriously…this is so sketchy

I’m tending to agree with the one guy in the comments that its probably a tracker bug put in by nintendo to map out where the gameboys were selling the best or something. I read that they placed them in every 1/100 consoles, and his was one of the few.

lol my friend thanks for agreeing with. LMAO he now believes the government and Nintendo are working together

Or the video is fake. Occam’s Razor, guys. What’s more simple: A fake video, or a government/game company conspiracy? Also, note that he’s not telling YOU to open your Gameboys, but to send them to him.

he didnt have that game boy when it first came out, it’s a hand me down. he wasnt born in 1989. so he’s probably just being a dick.

also… i couldnt stop staring at his nose the whole time… is it a plastic nose??

my friend was laughing at the size of them glasses the entire time

Hey! There are lights up in the sky! OMG IT’S A UFO!!!

Hahaha get some sense people.

Hey, you got sumthin’ against UFOs???
Some of my best friends are UFOs.

Dude, I’ve seen 'em. I was outside taking out the emptys and I saw 'em.

Hahahaha, he just made part two  :)  Watch until the end, its pretty funny…  and yes, it was all a joke  :smiley:

Language Warning

I think he could’ve done it in 2-3 minutes max. Started to drag a bit.

You guys do know that this is the guy who made the Ultimate Showdown right?