Anyone notice this? (Ann Connolly tutorial)

In some of her vids, when the camera goes to the top of head looking down view, there was a Super Nintendo in the background! I know, I know, not that important. Buy I really miss my snes.

You can get emulators for your pc and jailbroken apple devices.

I saw a snes, nes combo system for sale for 30 bucks at a place called fred myers. kinda’ like target if you dont’ have them in your area. Anyhow the point is buy a combo system and have fun. they make ones that are snes, nes, and sega gennesis. Games are around 1$ a piece.

Yeah I know, but somehow it doesn’t feel the same.

Its just not the same thoughh…

psp runs snes games like a champ

I thought this was going in a different direction.

A friend of mine had an NES that was clearly modern and not made by Nintendo. I never asked where he got it. Maybe I should. That may lead you to an snes.

Why is it there always got to be someone immature?

I know right :). One person has to say they thought it was going to be dirty…

Unfortunately, someone usually does say something dirty. Especially on youtube.

Them hormonal 10 year olds

Well sometimes they are full grown adults. That’s the sad part.
But I didn’t really want this topic to be about that. We have been through this argument many times before.

Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:
Back to topic- I miss my bootleg SNEA for when I was in kindergarten (I’m 14)


I have two super nintendos. One is the original model and one is more rounded instead of square. I’m assuming it’s something they released later on. I need a new cord for one though.

I remember when I was in third grade and my mother and I were at Kaybee toys in the mall and I got to play their brand new demo SNES before any of the other kids at my school and everyone thought I was so awesome…

My friend, SNES is STILL awesome.

I still have mine, and it gets plenty of love.

That, the original Nintendo, and Genesis are three of the best systems ever.

When you said Genesis my mind jumped to the yyf yoyo…