FS/T: SNES LF: CLYW, YYF, or offers

Im not sure if these kinds of trades are allowed but I’m trading my Super Nintendo Entertainment System for some new throws. I’ve come to the point where I think I can part with it. It comes with the original killer instinct box, 2 controllers, 4 games (NBA Jam, top gear 3000, nba tournament, and George foremans ko boxing), and SNES mouse, all original cables, instruction manuals and posters, and the SNES. The box is very beat up but still presentable. There is only slight yellowing on the mouse and no yellowing on the console or controllers at all. It’s yours for $150 + shipping or some decent throws. I’m looking for CLYW gnarwhal, summit, YYF genesis with hubstacks, or some other offers.

Almost forgot the games :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey I have a Hubstack Genesis on sale now on EBay if you are intersted