CLYW Chief $125 YYF SuperNova- $60


Feel free to offer on these.

Chief comes with Original Box played for 5 minutes.
Supernova comes as is with one small ding.

I accept PayPal or money orders.
I have hundreds of references from other forums. Feel free to ask.

Prices Added:
Chief: $130 Shipped
Supernova: $65 Shipped

Please don’t contact me if you’re not serious.

mgodinez edit…


A lot of interests, but mostly looking for cash.

pls. refrain from listin’ people that have not ‘followed up’ w/ your b/s/t. listin’ ‘flakers’ is not acceptable.

to the community:

pls. refrain from commentin’, PM is preferred. keep all communication related to this b/s/t. thanks.



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interested in a xbox 360?

i see that your name is i like nike sb. I used to be a big sneaker and used to have 50 pairs of nike sb dunks and blazers. ill trade you some sbs for your clyw and yyf