Fs/Ft Collectors item And other awesome stuff. LF OFFERS! VINTAGE GAME CONSOLES.

So i would like to trade or sell does not matter.
BTW: if you dont quiet agree with my prices just let me know im VERY flexibile on my prices.
-shinwoo zen 2 that has been galaxyblasted. 3-4 LIGHT, LIGHT scuffs NM. i can throw in some deal sweetners{ just pm for details on deal sweetners}.
Asking 45$ or trade.

20$ have a some rares

-Have PSP PACKAGE i belive its a 2000 or 3000
Asking 100$ with case a 4 games.

-Special edition Custom black ops xbox 360 controller { extra buttons and light up buttons}
Asking 80$

ok you guys ready for the rare consoleā€¦ SEGA MULTI-MEGA A.K.A SEGA CDX only 5,000 made and limited made, compare that to a genasiss come with three games and 2 controllers. REAL VINTAGE GAMING COLLECTORS ITEM!
Asking 200$ with everything included {free shipping}

-VINTAGE CONSOLES************************************
-OD burnside
-TP Maxbeth*****
-TP positron******
-TP solenoid
-ANY YYR {clash cube or messiah preffred}
-Anti-yo Ended Eetsit
-C3 Master galaxy
-C3 capsule 1 or 2