G5 in Pontianak; another vid i take during my trip.

last 2 weeks i was going to see my older cousin he was going married, and he live in Pontianak, quite a distance from my home town, Jakarta.
try to find it on google map.  :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

when i gone there, i bring some yoyo (glad the airplane policies allow yoyo, and a tripod :D).
i bring my old G5 and 2010 G5, and when i was there, i think it will be cool to make a vid about the two yoyo.

so, what do you think?

I think i wish you’d make more videos. That was incredably entertaining.

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That was awesome! ;D


Thanks guys
I’m happy you like it.

I maybe makeing more vids in the future.
Glad you like it.

which G5 do you think is better?

The new or old one?

I like the old one.
Idk, when i throw it, the OG G5 feel faster, while the 2010 feel more solid and a bit heavier, but has more stability (when normal stack is applied on both G5).

But they play like a G5 should be.
I just happen like it lighter.

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dude sick video ;D

thanks man.

EDIT: wait, i just see ben thank me for the vid. wha???