g5 Discontinued

has the g5 been discontinued?

I’ve been wondering the same thing… Maybe YYF will come out with a G6?


It’s just not the most popular yoyo out there. When there is so much better stuff being produced by other comapnies, and YYF as well, they don’t have to make as much, and if sales weren’t all that great, YYF may be slowing down on production as well as stores may not be buying them. I don’t think it’s discontinued, but it’s just not the most popular yoyo in the world.

This is just my theory, but you may have to ask Ben himself.

I’ll pM ben

We ran out of stock earlier this year and wont be producing more until the 2013 model is released next Spring ;D


Glad to hear G5 was my go to throw a few years ago, also when will be seeing the 888.12?

07, 07 small, 07 high wall, 08, 08 small, 09, 888x, 888 classic, 888.11 and 12 didn’t make the cut…

We struggled internally on what to do with 888. The way things have gone its funny the 888 was popular when the Grind Machine 2 (which was released before it) is now turning out to be more influential in Yoyo design and play. We looked at going modern, making it relevant, making it traditional, making it in titanium… in the end we werent excited either way and considering you are the first to ask the market didnt care either. Not to say we wont go back to it but this year we went with a player focus and the champions collection.

So titanium 888?!?!?

Wait, there was a 888.12??

Is the mighty flea getting a new design??

I would love to see an 888 in the champions collection, that would sweet

would have been a sweet Yuuki Spencer yoyo ;D

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Agree’d. And please don’t make it high-walled.

Guys I am sorry I got the last one when yye restock it I swooped in and got it.
This was about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

You little,…

Jk its cool I just wish I had gotten it sooner :confused: but a little patience doesn’t hurt :wink:

I think I saw some on b/s/t

G5 splash Would BE EPIC

I have my 3a pair for sale/trade in my bst. But they were beaters when I got them and now they have lots of 3a marks so I don’t know if you still want them.


Please stop being a necromancer. It is annoying.