bringing back the yoyofactory G5


hey everyone this is a post for people to discuss about the G5 a why they should bring it back so if you have anything to say or agree write something


They are already announced that they are bringing it back :slight_smile:


The only question is when


I hope it’s not like the BVM and BVM2. Same name, completely different yoyo. I hope they keep the extreme h shape at least.


I always wanted I G5. I don’t know why. Maybe the color of the caps but they just looked nice.


Wasn’t the Superstar the evolution of the G5? I know they have a new Superstar in the works…


They also have a stacked catalyst with z stacks


Maybe they can slightly redesign the G5. The OG G5’s were my favorite. I also really liked the G5+'s, but those became Superstars.


The news is up for sometimes now that YYF is redesigning the G5
I think that is kinda tricky… if they redesign it, thay maybe lose what make a G5 a G5
If they just release as it is then there will be no improvement…
The characteristic and the uniqueness of the G5 is like no other (well, to me at least) like what happen to the bubble G5.


I know and I might get one but I really think they should bring it back


how do you know that there bringing it back
where did u here this or u just here it from other people and just believe it.
all with respect not trying to be mean
but seriously where did u here that?


Im pretty sure I heard Ben of YYF say they are redesigning it and then rereleasing it.


I believe i saw that as well.


Thank you for the vouch!


I have always liked the G5.  The bubble-rimmed ones were too fragile: one good drop, and they were super-wiggly.  So they got drilled to become Adjust-O-Matics.

I am happy with the most recent versions of the G5’s.  But it has been far too long since I have played with one.  I will have to carry one today to make up for that.

I shot my favorite, and my third favorite videos using G5’s.



I can vouch for this also. The G5 and the Flea should be making a return this year. :slight_smile:


Along with a new Stacked Catalyst, Superstar, and a new Supernova


Somtime this year, the MF as well.

To those who don’t believe me Ben himself told me. They are bringing it back in 2013. Which is this year. Ask him yourself for proof ::).