G5, G.5, G5+, G5++

What is different about these yo-yos?

Thanks Contagon

The G5 is the original model that the rest of the yoyo’s listed are based off of.

The G.5 is a mini G5. (Think MiniMotu, Busine$$, and CU.)

The G5+ is a wider, rounder-shaped, G5.

The G5++ is a “Mutant” G5+, meaning it’s heavier. (G5+ = 64 grams, G5++ 68 grams)

I hope my mini explanations helped you. Maybe someone can chime in with a bit more elaboration?

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G5 is a H shape yoyo that is not very wide.


G.5 is a miniature version of the g5.

G5+ is a wider and rounder version of the g5.

G5++ is a rarer yoyo that is 4 grams heavier than the g5+ but other than that it is the same as the g5+.

what? i thought G.5 was made first w/e

Nope the G.5 was made last.

Is there any way to buy new G5++'s or are they out of production now?

Not in stores but on the BSTs you can find some now and then.

what stores still sell the G.5?

I think G5’s are interesting. Every one that YYF comes out with is different. Z-Stacks, Hubstacks, Pointy White thingy, they’re always different.

I think…

Evan quoted correctly. There was a short run of the G.5’s but they’re now out of production. People do still occassionally sell them on the BST’s and if anybody wants to get one you can just make a topic saying so and you might get a reply. ;D

what about the 555?s is that the g.5?

Nope, it’s a regular G5.


It is a limited run, Dudeofyo has one…

G555 :stuck_out_tongue: