What's the deal with the G5?

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I was browsing the internet when I came across a site that had the G5 for $30 cheaper than normal. Is it not good or are they just gracious. I also want to know if it is a normal sized yoyo or an undersized one.


where, I want to see.


G5’s aren’t actaully a part of the Premium Series of YYF that are much cheaper. They are part of the evolution series, and was much cheaper when released.

Also, if you do post a link of the G5 for sale thats not from YYE, please do so in PM’s for courtesy for YoYoeXpert.


Was it possibly a stripped G5? Just a thought.

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no it was a regular G5


Can you PM me the link?


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Hmm…I don’t think André get mad if we do it once. Can he post the link André?

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Please PM me the link as well.



Maybe it was a B grade? Some manufacturers will sell B grade, or seconds. Pieces that have slight flaws (cosmetic or otherwise), and won’t be sold to stores to maintain a standard of quality and consistency.


I was under the impression that it was sold in a store, though.


well, maybe the store decided to sell a B-grade. Unlikely but possible.
I would say that I would check this out first like ask if it is a B-Grade or not.
Regular B-grades are around 50-60 dollars from what I heard.


YYF B-Grades are never sold in stores. EVER. Its not a B-Grade


pm me the link.