Looking for Cheap G5

The title says it all. And by cheap I mean really cheap. No higher than 40 bucks. I don’t mind a few dings or scratches. PM me if anybody would be willing to sell.

Of course I’m not the seller, but this seems to be what you are looking for. http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,32086.0.html

Why yes it is! unfortunately the seller hasnt messaged me back about the g5

its finally good to see the G5 being appreciated! ;D

Well of course, it is my most wanted yoyo due to the unique hubstacks. I would be able to finally grab and manipulate the yoyo! Its a great design and I really want one.

itsj ust many people always bash on the G5 and all its weaknesses but it also has amazing strangths.