Trading my G5

hey i have a g5, alright condition a few scratches and only one ding. i was just wondering what some offers were. i believe 2010 edition red, i took the hubs off but of course i would include them in trade. I have thrown this for a month or so and i really like it i just need something new to keep the freshness in playin jahknow! but yeah if i get a nice offer i will discuss more and upload pics and all that jazz but i dont want the hassle if people only have bad trades (obvious if the yoyo you are trying to trade is less than 40 dollas no deal {excluding 2 protostars or northstars thats a maybe})

;D just make an offer and ill see what happens ;D

P.S. or you can buy it for 3 billion dollars Muahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

Pictures please and I may have an offer for ya.

its the pictures but in video form… i tried uploading pics here and i gave up and made a youtubes video! wooohooo!!!