g5 888

hey i was woundering weather you prefer the g5 or the 888 just wondering im trying to settle a discushing with my father ;D

888, I have/had 2009 G5 and 2008 888 and I like 888 a ton more.

I agree. G5 is good and smooth, but awesome for 5A.

Wait, but you are the person who started those three threads about this same subject.

I know. I’ve tried it.

Why did you make 3 treads on which one to get if you love G5 so much…?

I would pick one but it turns out I haven’t tried either one so I’m just going to say that I don’t know.

I would prefer an 888.


Umm necro much? Please don’t bring up old threads. Thanks. (You should know that.)

888 all day everyday. :wink:

You guys are joking, right?

If you had read Apetruk’s post…

whats so bad abour necros? what if somebody has a similiar or exact same question but has an additional question about what someone said in an old or “dead” thread? why clutter the boards with new pointless threads when you have one already made at your disposal? not being rude, just wishing to be enlightened in the art of anti-necromancy.

It’s really so that we can move on. When we get another few moderators, they can start deleting really really old threads (possibly).

Threads will be made when people need help. We don’t need to help people three months after they’ve asked or before they’ve asked. From what we know, this thread serves no purpose, which is why it is cluttering the board.

Addment: Also, people who really don’t want to start new threads, should just use the search button, because there are a TON of these topics.

its an edition

No. Don’t bring back old posts, like you did again (kind of). If a post is really old (a month is definitely old) then just don’t post in it. Thanks.

Yeah, for a guide to posting, just post in the topics on the first page. These are normally the latest topics.